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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Describe key design principles and tools that define an accessible and engaging experience
  • Given a scenario, describe how Salesforce can add value to user experiences
Topic 2
  • Determine which global Salesforce configuration to use for optimized user flow
  • Determine options for users to access onboarding, support, and learning
Topic 3
  • Determine how to incorporate human-centered design into a customer solution
  • Describe testing techniques needed for optimal user experiences
Topic 4
  • Given a scenario, utilize SLDS to create new and customized component functionality
  • Given a scenario, identify which UX method should be used to define a user experience

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Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Sample Questions (Q117-Q122):


Cloud Kicks wants to apply branding to its current Salesforce org, currently using Lightning Experience. The look and feel must follow company design guidelines.

Which declarative design properties should be used to achieve this?

  • A. Choose one of the built-in Salesforce themes that closest matches the design guidelines
  • B. Develop a custom Layout in user interface, attaching a new stylesheet in static resources.
  • C. Design a custom Branding set in use interface, selecting a logo, colors, and font type.
  • D. Create a custom Theme in Themes and Branding, selecting logo, brand colors, and images.

Answer: C


Users from a small group within a Sales team have complained about an object that is often used only by team that has not been added to their Lightning app. Due to the small volume of users, the administrator is not considering creating a new app for them.

Which two Salesforce feature should be suggested to improve the end-user experience?

Choose 2 answers

  • A. Personalize the navigation bar.
  • B. Add the object's related list to the Home page.
  • C. Favorite the often-used object.
  • D. Create a custom component on a Dashboard.

Answer: A,D


Cloud Kicks (CK) has not migrated to Lightning Experience but wants to leverage the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) in its custom applications.

Which three solutions should CK's designers use to deliver applications with a consistent Lightning Experience Look and feel?

Choose 3 answers

  • A. Heroku
  • B. Standard Design Tokens
  • C. Lightning Stylesheets for Visualforce
  • D. Local Development Server
  • E. iOS Static Library

Answer: C,D,E


A UX designer is creating a customer support site in experience builder that will internationalized across the

12 different countries

Which two designs considerations should be made when planning for the site

  • A. colors may have different cultural meanings in different countries, changing the intent of UI elements
  • B. colors may have different contrast ratios in some countries and need adjusted contrast for proper visibility by users
  • C. Country may read text is a different direction (right to left) vs (left to right) and layouts will need to be adjusted
  • D. Country flags used as links to adjust languages provide an ideal way to switch between locals or languages for users

Answer: A,C


A UX Designer has been asked to improve Salesforce adoption among sales representatives at Cloud Kicks. After conducting stakeholder and user interviews, the designer finds there is no clear, consistent sales process.

What should the designer do next?

  • A. Log the findings and move forward with presenting possible solutions.
  • B. Conduct a workshop with stakeholders to align on the current state and build consensus.
  • C. Tell the customer they need to improve operations before any work can be done.
  • D. Recommend Field Level Validation to ensure users are entering the correct data.

Answer: B



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