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Eligibility Criteria For Isaca COBIT 2019 Exam

The eligibility criteria for COBIT 2019 Exam are given as below:

It should be noted that there is no pre-defined age limit for taking the examination. However, there is a rule that a candidate must be at least 18 years old on the day he/she takes the exam. As per the certification body, ISACA, candidates who have not attained 21 years of age by December 31st of the year in which the examination is held are not allowed to attempt the certification examination.

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ISACA COBIT 2019 Foundation Sample Questions (Q20-Q25):


Which of the following is based on generic components of a governance system but are tailored for a specific purpose or context within a focus area?

  • A. Variant components
  • B. Design factors
  • C. Guiding principles

Answer: A


These components (of a governance system) can be either generic or "variants of generic." Generic components are described in the COBIT Core Model and apply in principle to any situation (although they "generally need customization before being practically implemented.") Whereas variants are based on the generic components but tailored for a specific purpose or context within a focus area.


When refining the scope of a new IT governance system during the design phase, which of the following is the MOST significant driver to be considered?

  • A. National or international locations
  • B. The size of the enterprise
  • C. Cloud versus on-premises services

Answer: C


Which of the following cascades to enterprise goals?

  • A. Organizational objectives
  • B. Stakeholder needs
  • C. Enterprise strategy

Answer: C


Explanation/Reference: appendix03.html


An enterprise is not having success implementing IT governance because key staff are not participating in planning meetings. What is the MOST likely underlying cause?

  • A. Failure to utilize program management principles
  • B. Lack of senior leadership commitment
  • C. Lack of consequences for not attending

Answer: B


COBIT addresses governance issues by doing which of the following?

  • A. Providing a full description of the entire IT environment within an enterprise
  • B. Defining specific governance strategies and processes to implement in specific situations
  • C. Grouping relevant governance components into objectives that can be managed to a required capability level

Answer: C



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